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Argh! That's it!

This hick-ish dude with no teeth and no brain just came up to me at work and asked me when i was due! as in, in the baby-way! I know he's a moron and thought he was being nice, but FUCK THAT! He'd better be glad I'm at work and therefore the face of the hotel right now. Else, he'd probably be really fucking sorry.

I'm a former 98lbs (of blind fucking fury...as daddy always said) girlie who now has a bit of a belly, but NOTHING resembling one giving off all the tell-tale signs of MOTHERFUCKING GESTATION for fucks sake! IT may also have something to do with this empire waisted/belted tunic I'm wearing too.. but I just wanted to knock what was left of his teeth out! Who asks someone something like that? Pregnant or not! BTW, I used to wish to gain weight because now at least i have an ass and some boobs.

I'll lose this belly or die trying. That's all there is to it.

Pass the amphetamines! Maybe I'll get over having no teeth from all of the meth, just as long as i'm thin as a fucking bean pole.

(and yes, no worries, that was sarcasm. the part about me getting amped up and losing my pearly whites, anyway)
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