a.gloomy.girlie (mytwistedpsyche) wrote,

Stolen from egon_kuber

Comment and I'll respond with an honest compliment. Then post this in your journal so I can feed my ego.
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Deleted comment


You were one of the only people I've ever met that seemed to be a Kindred whilst in Athens. You're astounding in your intelligence and in your resolution to be yourself, no matter what.

and you have one of the cutest babies EVER. :)
okay, I'll play. :)

You're also another of the Kindred I found whilst in Athens. You're also flippin' HILARIOUS. You seem to be transported from another kooler, simpler time. Some time with groovy music and kool hippie clothes.

and you dig ZOMBIE movies! huzzah!

Rock on.

You're one of the awesome boys I found somehow via the Interwebs that I feel to be Ka-tet. You're awesome and really so much more Intelligent then I'll ever be. (I mean you actually LIKE physics!) :) You mean a lot to me and I don't feel we talk enough, but I'm always sending you awesome-good chas.vibes.

and you share my love of the good doctor.
HST love will seal the deal for me EVERYTIME. :)