a.gloomy.girlie (mytwistedpsyche) wrote,

Prodigal ramblings...

i'm 30. thought i'd be dead by now.

i've lost all my great-grandparents since the big 3 0.
cornerstones of my heritage, lynchpins of families that can no longer speak in words that make any sense.

i have lost some of my most adored friends, unbeknownst reasons, just gone.

when i had thought that at least to *them* i meant something. 'twas all smokescreens and mirrors, though, i guess, for as alone as i feel.

i work a job i hate, surrounded by people who have no idea what it's like to live in the world.

In 2 words? i'm lost.
will i ever be found?

or maybe i just need to go outside and get more fresh air and sunshine?
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