a.gloomy.girlie (mytwistedpsyche) wrote,

Voodoo, Zendik, and Beale Street

Had a pretty kool weekend... Went to the Voodoo Music Experience in Memphis, which was a show to benefit the rebuilding of NOLA, with Heath, Nan, and Gary. It was a pretty impromptu thing-- so I booked a hotel after having looked at hotels.com for about 3.2 seconds and boy was checking in fun at this fucking debacle of an establishment! Count them, 4--1, 2, 3, 4 different rooms before we were put in one with TWO beds, working water, a working television in which we could smoke! :) During this two day sojourn into dixie country, we alternately rocked out, got roped into a prayer circle (yes me in a prayer circle! yikes! and all because Heath asked this jolly Memphis native who was hanging out in front of the venue with all of his other jolly fucking picket sign proclaiming GOD=LOVE holding buddies where to go get cigarettes... and NO he wasn't doing it in jest-- he just thought he might tell him *le bigfucking shrug*), and met a group of hippies that tried to persuade us (Heath and I, hippie material? never!) to join their commune. Got to see and meet these kool guys in The Giraffes, got to see MSI, The New York Dolls, and NIN (again! the 9th of the month and the 31st! yum!) among others.

This katt named Saul Williams played with NIN on a couple of songs. Apparently, he's a modern poet/singer/artist who has a lot to say about human issues. IT was really kool and all, but for some reason I found it hysterical to watch TR sing backup for this spastic dude and keep chanting "where my niggas' at?" over and over to a backdrop of typical NIN musical fare-- lights, smoke, and sound. and the even funnier part? I didn't say anything to anyone about how fucking funny I thought it was and then this morning Heath looks over at me and says "so, did you see Trent saying "Where my niggas' at?" over and over? Did that seem so fucking surreal and hilarious to anyone but me?" hah. I love that we share a brain sometimes... *giggles*

NIN was, all except the fact that proceeds went to NOLA rebuilding, the only reason why I went really... so after having waited all day and drank so many of these yucky robitussin-esque southern comfort slushie deals, because it was either that or Miller Lite (YIK!), they showed me that they were indeed worth the wait. We were only about 20 feet from the stage too. I was scared moshing would break out and spook Rhiannon and Gary (not sure they liked NIN's showing all that much, crazy kids!)

Mind you, Memphis is about 11+ hours away from here by car, depending on how cooperative your bladder is and/or whether or not you can smoke in said mode of transport (we couldn't)-- and I had to work today at noon. So guess who jumped out of a really cramped Honda Civic this morning at about 10am long enough to change clothes, slather on some deodorant, pull my yucky, dirty hair back in a pony tail, and come to work on practically NO sleep only to have to work until 9pm? hah. NO, not Fidel Castro! Me,you Goobers!!

It's approx 7 now... only a little over 2 hours to go. and BOY am I slap happy!

oh, yeah, and Happy Halloween, motherfuckers! :P
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