a.gloomy.girlie (mytwistedpsyche) wrote,

So, my sister Tonya was in labor yesterday, unexpectedly induced because she had developed a complication known as preeclampsia (or toxemia). Preeclampsia causes high blood pressure (and in more extreme cases seizures) in the mommy which isn't good for baby, so voila! Maya Lynn Marie McCoy is here. 11-4-05

She was born at approx. 5:45pm. I missed delivery even though I wanted to be in there with her by a scant 30 seconds-- they closed the door right as I got there, because I had to work all fucking day even though I should have just abandoned the place. Heather was in there, though. My mom and Jim's grandma since he was on a plane back home at the time.

Maya weighed 5lbs. 4ozs (the same thing Tonya weighed when she was born). She looks like her mommy, little in stature with dark hair and big pretty eyes. She has her daddy's feet though, so Tonya's hoping she'll be a little taller and not quasi-dwarf like she is. :) (she'll kick me for saying that!)

They're going to watch them both for 48 hours in hopes that the effects/symptoms of preeclampsia will dissipate before sending them home.

Scary stuff, but happy stuff.
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