a.gloomy.girlie (mytwistedpsyche) wrote,

This should have been posted NOV 8. I've been in a hole for a month

So, I am officially unemployed now. I got a call this morning from my sister who said that Allan had asked Laura (*waves* hi laura!) if I "were to be hit by a car or stabbed and was doing [my] thing in heaven what [do] [i] do that [she] couldn't do" and whether she wanted a promotion. This of course made me livid because anyone who knows me knows that I'm a freak when it comes to my work ethic... I'd been giving that place my ass for a little over a year now and he has the audacity to act like I wasn't doing much of anything? When I taught him everything he knows? and for that matter the SAs everything they know? gah!

Furthermore, they were insinuating that all of the student workers are thieves, and that I'm a thief and only Regan and Laura have it in their bodies not to steal. NONE OF US WOULD STEAL, YOU DUMBFUCKS! We never had a problem with theft before this... EVER. So they can paint whatever sort of picture they want to, they can ask our old bosses, but NONE of us were stealing from anywhere.

So, I asked Allan about all of the above-- I asked him about giving Laura my job and about insinuating that we were all theives. He tried to backpedal on the job thing but wouldn't take back what he said about our SAs being theives and/or ME being a thief, so I quit. Up and walked out. I cleaned out my desk earlier in the day because I had an idea that's how the day was going to go and I was gone.

I feel bad because ultimately the students will be the ones who suffer for this. They need help finding resources as their professors are still thinking that we have a REAL FUNCTIONING library and therefore their students will have ample help and references to write REAL papers. *sigh* all I can say to any of you guys that need help, email me and I'll try to do so, or if you want to be real go getters go and complain to the dean about how the library isn't what you need it to be when and if it proves itself to be lacking for you. Maybe it won't, maybe I wasn't doing as much as I thought I was for the place....

Only time will tell, eh?

oh... and Heather and Jamie left with me. They really didn't have to do that, as I told them but it sort of makes me feel a bit better that I wasn't the only one who was through with being treated like crap while going above and beyond for a place that had no respect to give back.

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