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I'm alive...

I just suck at updating this thing and/or not hermitizing completely and totally.  I'm in grad school still, I'm working graveyard (mostly) at a hotel and I sleep and eat and work, besides going to school.  

I'm at work right now and I've developed an addiction to watching this sad show on A&E on Friday nights...  Intervention.  

Addicted to watching a sad show about Addicts...  how's that for irony? 


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Well, now we know what you've been doing, but how've you been?
I've been okay. Good, Bad, Terrible, Great... The whole range, yes? :)

How about you, J? How've you been? What's been up?
I've been well. Working, running around doing random things...I'm fairly happy.

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How the heck are you? How're you feeling? :)