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mytwistedpsyche's Journal

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5 July 1979
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.female. :) the proverbial weed in a garden o' beautiful shit and apparently i'm not even a cute weed... i'm like thistles or something. when i'm not being a key player/villian/nemesis in someone else's miracle-gro induced pipedream i hail from the land of blandness and boredom. yay!fun!


The day that I was christened-
It's a hundred years, and more!-
A hag came and listened
At the white church door,
A-hearing her that bore me
And all my kith and kin
Considerately, for me,
Renouncing sin.
While some gave me corals,
And some gave me gold,
And porringers, with morals
Agreeably scrolled,
The hag stood, buckled
In a dim gray cloak;
Stood there and chuckled,
Spat, and spoke:
"There's few enough in life'll
Be needing my help,
But I've got a trifle
For your fine young whelp.
I give her sadness,
And the gift of pain,
The new-moon madness,
And the love of rain."
And little good to lave me
In their holy silver bowl
After what she gave me-
Rest her soul!

~Dorothy Parker

"you laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh because you're all the same."

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